Old Glory Network’s vision is to provide evidence of how America became The Greatest Country on Earth, through the wisdom of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They were designed by our Founders to assure our Freedom for as long as “We The People” defended them. Our mission is to teach “We The People” what we can do to assure our Country is even greater in the future. And do it all through entertainment including classic movies in all genres.



Old Glory Network’s Goal is to provide through social media, website, Internet TV and podcasts, entertainment and education to a public tired of receiving fake news, Socialistic policies and altered history. We plan to offer you straight talk about political matters from a conservative viewpoint, that honors the values of our Founding Fathers. Frank discussions about race relations in America today and how to improve them through positive thinking. To provide motivational information and wholesome values about success through the Free Enterprise System and how to become a millionaire. Interview our Military Heroes and relearn what our heroes have meant to our Freedom. Examine and relearn our knowledge about our Cowboy history, as the West was settled and what they are doing today. And an analysis about our music industry, highlighted by interviews of current and future stars including Singers, Songwriters, and Musicians. And finally, to study the Bible through discussion by noted Bible scholars.

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